What to Know About Peptides

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are amino acids your body uses to make proteins. There are many different types of peptides that play a role in maintaining your health, and they are key in building muscles and strengthening your immune system. Many peptides are produced by your body, but some must be gained through diet. At Beyond Health, we offer a variety of peptide therapies to help improve your overall wellness.

Benefits of Peptides

Peptide therapy has a variety of benefits, although it can vary based on the type you take. During your visit, we will discuss which peptides will work best for you and your goals. They can offer support to your immune system, help lower blood pressure, and more.

Peptides like 5 Amino 1 MQ can increase metabolism and stop age-related muscle degradation as well as help with weight loss. Aniracetam can help with increasing cognitive function and memory, which can help prevent cognitive decline in older adults. For weight loss, AOD 9604 activates the pituitary gland, and when injected into joints, it can reduce pain by assisting with the regeneration of osteoarthritic joints. APB-7 brings together the immune, endocrine, and central nervous system to speed up recovery and boost your immune system. ARA 290 and BPC-157 both support pain and regeneration of different areas of the body to improve health.

To support muscle, endurance, and your immune system. CJC 1295 helps build muscle, improve energy, and increase natural growth hormones. Dihexa can protect your brain by activating stem cells and repairing synaptic connectivity to boost memory. Sleep and circadian rhythms can also be restored through peptide therapy, and Epitalon can assist with HPA stress reset.

Peptide Therapy in Albuquerque

At Beyond Health, there are several different types of peptide therapy that we specialize in. We strive to make sure our patients receive the best treatments to help improve their lives, and we dedicate one-on-one time with our patients to understand their needs and concerns.

One type of peptide therapy that we offer is CJC 1295 with Ipamorelin. CJC 195 helps improve your ability to grow and develop muscle, as well as boost recovery by inducing delta sleep waves and resetting your circadian rhythms. This improves your sleep and overall ability to recover and gain energy. Combining this with Ipamorelin creates a massive boost to growth hormone release, assisting with cellular repair and regeneration. Ipamorelin can also help with hunger control and reducing appetite, and this combination is helpful with weight loss.

BPC-157 is also a great option to help accelerate regeneration and healing. It helps with the growth of new cells and tissue and improves joint and tendon health, which can help reduce inflammation and risk of injury. This also assists with improving muscle strength and endurance which can reduce post-workout soreness and pain.

A great option for those trying to lose weight is semaglutide, as studies show that those who use it lose an average of 15% of their total body weight. It can also improve blood sugar regulation by protecting beta cells in the pancreas. This peptide can also improve heart rate, blood pressure, and repair damaged cardiac tissue. Brain performance can also be improved by removing plaque in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease and protecting neurons.

We serve our patients in the Albuquerque area with personalized treatment and dedicated care. If you are looking to improve your wellness, our compassionate healthcare professionals will work with you to address your concerns and develop a treatment plan. Contact us today to get started.