Thyroid Imbalance Symptoms

Thyroid disorders are incredibly common among US adults. Up to 12% of Americans, in fact, will develop a thyroid condition at some point in their lives. 

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the thyroid, the effects of a thyroid imbalance, and how to reclaim your quality of life if you are one of the millions of Americans affected by the condition. 

What Is the Thyroid and What Work Does It Perform in the Body?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits around the middle of the throat. As an indispensable part of the endocrine (hormone) system, the thyroid releases important molecules called thyroid hormones that perform various tasks to keep the body healthy

Thyroid Gland diagram

The bioactive hormones produced by the thyroid gland are called triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). 

T3 is the more potent version of the two. Although T3 only accounts for 20% of the circulating thyroid hormones, it is up to five times as active in engaging with thyroid receptors. 

Thyroid System diagram

The essential physiological activities that thyroid hormones regulate are:

  • Body temperature.
  • Heart rate.
  • Tissue growth.
  • Energy metabolism.

Symptoms of Thyroid Imbalance

When the thyroid is working properly, you never give it a second thought. When thyroid problems develop, though, you are likely to develop a number of symptoms. 

“Hypothyroidism” refers to thyroid levels that are sub-optimal (too low) and “hyperthyroidism” refers to elevated thyroid levels. 

Signs Symptoms of Hypothyroidism diagram

Common symptoms of low thyroid levels (hypothyroidism) include:

  • Weight gain.
  • Fatigue.
  • Dry skin.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Depression.

The common symptoms of high thyroid levels (hyperthyroidism) include:

  • Anxiety.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Heart palpitations (i.e., “skipping a beat”).
  • Heat sensitivity.
  • Insomnia (difficulty sleeping). 

What Steps Can You Take to Naturally Correct Thyroid Imbalance?

Despite the characteristic quick reach to the medicine cabinet of conventional medicine to treat thyroid imbalance, you have several options to naturally restore thyroid health without relying on pharmaceutical drugs (which often pose their own health risks). 

For better thyroid health, consider the following strategies:

  • Reduce or eliminate grains (rice, bread, etc.) and sugar from diet.
  • Supplement with B vitamins, selenium, and probiotics.  
  • Minimize stress (through meditation or breathing exercise). Stress levels are a known and significant driver of thyroid issues among Americans. 

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) refers to the medical practice of supplementing 100% natural, plant-based hormones in patients who have diagnosed hormone deficiencies. 

When the therapy is administered by a trained professional, BHRT is widely recognized as safe and effective for correcting hormone imbalances. 

BEYOND HEALTH offers patients access to advanced and proprietary pellet technology that sets it apart from standard BHRT providers. 

The BEYOND HEALTH team — headed by founder Dr. Terri DeNeui and working with FDA-licensed partners — has pioneered the BEYOND HEALTH® Method that utilizes an emerging new type of pellet that absorbs more efficiently, poses less risk of side effects, and ultimately delivers higher-quality, longer-lasting results than other hormone therapies. 

How BHRT Can Improve Thyroid Health

The interactions between the various hormones (50 in total) circulating at any given time in the human body are complex. BHRT can optimize these interactions and improve overall health. 

Estrogen – which is supplemented in women who have low levels of the female sex hormone – is necessary to stimulate the precursor thyroglobulin as well as to increase proteins that transport thyroid hormone throughout the body. Women who receive BHRT with highly effective plant estrogens reliably show improved levels of thyroid hormone. 

Likewise, men with testosterone deficiencies (hypogonadism) may also experience thyroid issues. 

BHRT, under the right circumstances and when administered appropriately, can help correct thyroid imbalances. 

Take Charge of Your Thyroid Health Today

If you have been affected by a hormone imbalance, you should be aware that recovering your good health and youthful vitality is possible – and likely to be more affordable than you thought. 

Since its inception, BEYOND HEALTH has been a pioneer in New Mexico hormonal care, specializing in the exciting new practice of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). 

BEYOND HEALTH has helped thousands of Albuquerque women correct the hormone imbalance that triggers the menopausal symptoms described earlier. 

Get started today by contacting BEYOND HEALTH via our simple contact form. Alternately, our staff can also be reached by phone at (505) 899-4414 or by email at We prioritize making a prompt reply to your inquiries and requests. 

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