Fat Loss Treatments in Albuquerque

Weight management is an important part of maintaining a lifestyle that is beneficial to your health, but it can be difficult for a variety of reasons. There are many popular ways to try and lose weight, such as trendy diets or extreme plans, but these types of plans are not sustainable in the long term. At Beyond Health, we focus on root causes when treating patients, not just minimizing symptoms, and we apply this to our fat loss treatments as well.

Every patient has different needs and conditions that may make maintaining a healthy weight challenging. We work to address these unique needs in order to achieve optimal results for you.

Weight Management Treatment Services

truSculpt® fleX
Weight management isn’t always about losing fat, it extends into getting in great shape as well. No matter what your fitness goals or levels are, truSculpt® fleX can help you reach your goals. This is an excellent option for those looking to improve their muscle tone and strength.

truSculpt® iD
truSculpt® is a revolutionary fat loss treatment that is great for targeting areas of stubborn fat. It’s both quick and painless and can treat all body types. Results can be visible after a single treatment, and there is no downtime required after sessions.

Peptide Therapy
Peptides are strings of amino acids that are commonly referred to as the “building block” of protein. They are naturally produced by the body, but there are benefits to including additional peptides, including improving the body’s ability to burn fat. We offer a variety of different peptide treatments, each offering different benefits that work toward improving your health.

At Beyond Health we offer supplements from high-quality brands that assist in building a healthier life for our patients. They work towards more than maintaining a healthy weight, but can also help in supporting the immune system, improving mental health, and more. We take our patient's medical history and health goals and work with them to provide the supplements that will best meet their needs.

Weight loss and proper weight management can help with more than just looking better, it can help you feel better too! If you have struggled with losing weight in the past, we can assist you with creating a plan to help overcome any medical issues that have made it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Call us today to learn more about our weight management treatments and how we can help you on your journey to living your best!