Concierge Medicine in Albuquerque

When it comes to getting the time and attention you need from your doctor, concierge medicine offers many benefits to get the care you need. With a flat subscription fee, concierge physicians can reduce their patient panel and offer same-day or next-day appointments, longer visits, and more personal care. Also called boutique medicine or direct primary care, Beyond Health offers quality, personalized treatment for all our patients. Learn more about concierge medicine in Albuquerque and how you can benefit from it.

Get Personalized Treatment in Albuquerque

For a monthly fee, patients get office and telehealth visits with our healthcare providers who know them and their medical history. They also get a direct phone line to call the physician with questions or concerns. Our healthcare providers will also help with referrals and hospital care if it becomes necessary. We have more time to spend with each patient and can focus on their individual needs. This allows us to make more accurate diagnoses and create a treatment plan for the patient. We can also give recommendations that will benefit patients in the short and long term.

Low Wait Times

Unlike traditional healthcare, concierge medicine offers patients personalized access to healthcare providers for a monthly fee. This means that doctors are free from the burden of running a practice and instead put patient needs first. This includes providing same-day or next-day appointments for acute issues, after-hours contact via phone, email or text, home visits, and hospital care.

Because physician wait times are significantly lower, you can be seen and treated sooner. Additionally, concierge doctors are able to spend up to an hour with patients during office visits which allows them to thoroughly study your symptoms and provide a comprehensive health plan for improving overall wellness. This one-on-one time builds stronger relationships with physicians and leads to better health outcomes.

Quality Time With Healthcare Provider in Albuquerque

Concierge medicine is a healthcare model where doctors provide a personal touch to their patients. For a monthly or annual fee, physicians offer 24/7 direct access via a patient portal and phone, same-day office appointments and a dedicated physician as your main point of contact to ensure you receive the best care for your medical needs.

Physicians can focus on their patients’ needs and spend quality time during appointments that are longer than typical in-person visits, enabling them to gain a holistic understanding of their health. This means you’re more likely to get better, more personalized treatment from your doctor. From the physician’s perspective, concierge practice provides greater autonomy and an opportunity to offset reduced insurance reimbursements.

Get Direct Primary Care With Beyond Health

Whether you’re dealing with a minor illness like the flu or a more serious health issue such as diabetes or heart disease, concierge medicine offers a much more efficient and convenient medical solution for you. By signing up for this healthcare model, you’ll have round-the-clock access to your doctor via phone or email, and appointments that are guaranteed on the same day.

With shorter wait times and a greater ability to improve your health, concierge services are becoming a more popular healthcare option. Discover more about our direct primary healthcare model and the different memberships we provide. We also offer a variety of other healthcare services and procedures. If you are looking to improve your overall wellness and start living your best, contact us today to get started.