Benefits of Direct Primary Care

When it comes to maintaining your health, you want a healthcare provider who cares for you and has extensive knowledge of your health history. With a direct primary care model, patients have direct access to their physicians, allowing them to spend more time with their healthcare providers. At Beyond Health, our dedicated team aims to provide high-quality healthcare to our patients in Albuquerque by dedicating extended time to address their concerns.

What is Direct Primary Care in Albuquerque?

Direct primary care allows our patients to access a wide range of medical care services for a monthly payment. With this model, we do not accept any health insurance policies, meaning we spend less time with administrative paperwork and more time with our patients. A doctor at a traditional clinic may spend only 12-15 minutes with patients, while we can spend up to 30-60 minutes per patient to ensure their needs are met. This allows us to gain a complete picture of our patient’s medical history and provide personalized care.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

By being able to spend more time with patients, we can address our patients' needs quickly and catch any potential health concerns before they have the chance to become more serious. At Beyond Health, we provided same-day scheduling as well as access to care 24/7. Health concerns don’t follow regular business hours, so we offer options to contact your physician after hours. We also offer transparent pricing, so you’ll always know what you’ll pay for each visit.

During our patients’ visits, we encourage them to ask questions about their current health concerns and provide direct service. Through our aim to provide high-quality service, we aim to reduce the need for specialists, but should one ever become necessary, we will closely work with them to ensure you continue to receive the best care possible.

At Beyond Heath, we promise to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to all our patients in Albuquerque. We offer several different prices for membership depending on you or your family’s needs, and we even accept children of our enrolled members. If you are looking for personalized care with physicians who work to meet your individual needs, reach out to us today! We also offer specialized services such as hormone therapy and sexual health treatments. Call us at (505) 899-4414 or contact us online to get started.