Mental Symptoms in Women With Hormone Imbalance

The mental health aspect of hormone imbalance in women is often under-emphasized due to the common belief that the condition only causes physical symptoms like hot flashes, osteoporosis, or painful sex.  Concerns over the impact of unbalanced hormones on women’s mental health (typically experienced during menopause) deserve considerable attention.  In addition to affecting quality of life in the present, untreated … Read More

Is 5-Amino-1MQ Only For Weight Loss

As an affordable addition to any supplement regime, with remarkable “bang for your buck” and very little downside in the way of safety risk, 5-Amino-1MQ (5-amino-1methylquinolinium) packs a powerful punch for athletes looking for a competitive edge.  Although 5-Amino-1MQ is perhaps best-known for its ability to promote healthy weight loss in obese individuals, its performance-enhancing benefits extend beyond that limited … Read More

How Can BPC-157 Help Athletes Recover

In addition to its conventional medical uses, athletes and the specialists who treat them are increasingly interested in the performance-enhancing and recovery-speeding benefits of this potentially revolutionary peptide.  You may have heard of BPC-157 if you have spent time in the athletic world – and for good reason. This peptide has been studied clinically in terms of its effect on … Read More

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms in Women With Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a debilitating condition that negatively affects the adrenal glands and the endocrine system (hormone system) as a whole. Women are disproportionately affected by adrenal fatigue compared to men.  Here, we’ll introduce adrenal fatigue, its causes and symptoms, and natural, proven methods for correcting the issue – including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).   What Is Adrenal Fatigue? … Read More

Emotional Symptoms of Women With Hormone Imbalance

Experiencing turbulent emotions is common for women with hormone imbalance – especially during the challenging periods of perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause that typically begin between the ages of 45-55.  If you are a woman who is experiencing any of the negative emotional symptoms discussed later on, you might have a hormone imbalance.  Through professionally-guided bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), millions … Read More

Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy Help Aging Women

Many people associate testosterone supplementation with men’s anti-aging care, but this androgen is also vital for the well-being of the fairer sex. While it’s true that women have, on average, 10-20 times less testosterone than men, the male sex hormone testosterone nonetheless plays a critical role in women’s health.  To maintain optimal health across time, women must keep their testosterone … Read More